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Thanks for dropping in. I know, it’s looking sparse around here. I’m working on getting this theme fixed up and info loaded in. The virtual curtains, sofa, TV and munchies should arrive soon.

In the meantime, a little about me: I write fiction for young adults. It tends to come up fantasy but I’m not one bit surprised when something of other speculative forms comes up.

I’ll make this post short … which could be considered amazing in some cases since my favourite things to write are novels. With that said, I’ll leave you with a touch of trivia about me.

(1) One of my favourite YA books: Master of Murder by Christopher Pike. I’ve read it so much, the cover of my paperback is no longer attached. No wonder: it’s about a writer.

(2) One of my favourite movies: Taming of the Shrew starring Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. ♥ “AAAAMENNNNNN” (watch it and this will make perfect sense).

(3) What I wanted to be when I graduated high school: A cryptozoologist. Awesome job combining the study of animals with the unknown. Did you know that Giant pandas were considered a cryptid? People didn’t know what they were and believed they were only found in Chinese folklore. They turned out to be real. Nice.
Wrapping this up now … be back again soon.

♥ Regine

Author: Spec Fic Girl

A Canadian author who writes speculative fiction, particularly of the fantasy genre. I write for adults as: • Reven Archer Black (Fantasy, horror, science fiction, paranormal, poetry) • Archer Kay Leah (Romance - F/M and LGBT, poetry) I write for young adults as: • Regine Allison Claire (Young Adult and New Adult, poetry)

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