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Why Amazon Reviews Aren’t As Meaningful As We’d Like to Think

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I’m certainly aware of this happening, though it has yet to happen to me personally. It irks me, too, Joseph Mulak. Thanks for putting it out there. We all love positive reviews but the negative ones keep it real. Not that I’m saying I want a flood of “I hate your work” reviews. But I’m in for honesty. Even “the greats” have scores of negative reviews.

But that’s the thing about art. Hello subjective. Goodbye one size fits all.


Author: Spec Fic Girl

A Canadian author who writes speculative fiction, particularly of the fantasy genre. I write for adults as: • Reven Archer Black (Fantasy, horror, science fiction, paranormal, poetry) • Archer Kay Leah (Romance - F/M and LGBT, poetry) I write for young adults as: • Regine Allison Claire (Young Adult and New Adult, poetry)

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