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Authors and Memory

Yep. Editing can really suck the brain away from all those other things. Kind of like the last major round of edits I did: I kept calling cordon bleu”grilled cheese”… Ah, the fun. We’ll chalk it up to a necessary work hazard. 😉

Having said that: thanks to all the spouses and loved ones who put up with it! It’s not always easy, I know.



When I edit lots
My brain gets fried
And I forget things
Like (a) whether or not I had a coffee;
(b) What my name is;
(c) What the time is;
(d) Whether I stopped for that red light or not;
(e) What the name of this student in front of me is,
And (f) why I’m an author.

When I write,
My memory improves.
I remember point (f).

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