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Happy Halloween–and last day of Foxtober!

Hallowe’en is over, and so is August Li’s Foxtober on the Fox-Hat and Friends blog. But there’s still plenty of time to read this short story and poem, both fox-themed! So if you love foxes — especially shifter foxes — this post is for you. For your reading pleasure, here are “Home”, a short story by Edie Montreux, and my poem, “Lost Fox Woods”! Both were based on the picture in this post.🦊🦊

Happy November!

Fox-Hat and Friends

Happy Samhain, Halloween, or whatever name you give to the changing of the seasons. Today is the last day of our Foxtober celebration, and we’re sending it off properly. Two wonderful authors have donated their time and talent for your enjoyment in a story and a poem based on this prompt:

Foxtober graphic

Please enjoy, and surely the authors would love a quick note to thank them for their work.


By Edie Montreux

Once upon a time, fox shifters had magic. They were known as kitsune, powerful spirit masters with nine tails.

No longer. Bijou was a fox shifter. He had one tail, and no magic. Hell, after all the bullying at school, he had very little spirit left.

Only his best friend Remmy, who was a cat shifter, understood why he smelled scents his human classmates, neighbors, and now coworkers could not. Remmy also understood why he avoided the men…

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