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Fifteen-year-old Keldie has a terrible secret—her cousin is locked up in her parents’ house.

She’s never seen him but she hears him, frightening her almost as much as the visions of the yellow-eyed bear that haunt her.

After another boy is rescued from a similar situation nearby, Keldie is at the crossroads of truth. Is she a monster for hiding her parents’ secret? Will confession set her guilty heart free?



Burden is part of the anthology, Out of the Shadows, published by Pagan Writers Press.

Available as an eBook from the following retailers:

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A few extra notes on Out of the Shadows:

Editor: Elaine Roughton
Cover: Angelique Mroczka
Publisher: Pagan Writers Press

Dedication for Burden:
To the 10-year-old boy in London, Ontario who inspired the idea. May you have the good food and go to school just like you wished, and may both you and your cousin find peace. And to the anonymous tipper: you saved a life and changed someone’s whole world. Faith in humanity restored. 

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