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Words Needed

cover 3DWords Needed

Tess: teenager, studious, voracious reader, and in her high school, she couldn’t be more of a misfit. It’s not just a social label; it’s frustrating and isolating. Is she too “weird” to belong anywhere?

When her love of fantasy literature and history collide in an assignment, she gets more answers than she could have ever expected.

With a single word, she will find acceptance.



Words Needed is part of the anthology, A Place Where I Belong, published by Pagan Writers Press.

Available as an eBook from the following retailers:

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A few extra notes on A Place Where I Belong:

Editor: Elaine Roughton
Cover: Angelique Mroczka
Publisher: Pagan Writers Press

Dedication for Words Needed:
To Daoine dhen Tamais, my beloved grove. To know each one of you is an incredible honour. Thank you for being you, and for giving me the chance to be part of our family. Thank you for the safe space, the love, and the light. Blessings be upon you always.

And to Terry Brooks, author, and Barrie Hodgins, school teacher. Thank you for giving this girl the word she needed.

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